Fighting for a level playing field, more competition and more choice for consumers.
Mobile Challengers
Mobile Challengers: putting competition first

We are the Mobile Challengers, Europe’s leading organisation of late entrant mobile phone operators. Across Europe we are present in 13 different markets, representing over 80 million subscribers. We succeed in carving out market share against giant incumbent operators because we bring our customers lower prices, innovative services and greater competition. The Challengers make Europe a more competitive place to do business in, for the common benefit of consumers and business.

Some of us have been in business for many years, while others have just started (Hutchison, Play, Tusmobil). Along the way, we have brought numerous benefits to mobile phone users across the Union, including pre-pay plans, bundled tariffs and unlimited monthly calling.

We believe there is still a lot of potential for growth in the European market, but our development potential is threatened by structural market issues and a failure of regulation to provide an answer to this, which threatens to damage Challengers more comprehensively than any action by our cumbersome huge competitors ever could.

This is your online resource to learn what’s at stake, why this issue matters to everyone interested in lower mobile phone bills, and to find out how we can ensure a lasting, sustainable competitive framework for European mobile phone users. Together, we can do away with uncompetitive, oligopolistic practices once and for all.

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